Brock was diagnosed with Crohns Disease and PSC, an auto-immune liver disease when he was just ten years old. We knew since then that a liver transplant would be in his future, hoping against odds that he would grow to be an old man before that day came. He was a fun, happy, energetic, smart young man.


Brock lived most of his life without many people even knowing that he was sick. In high school, he played saxophone and traveled with the school band, and he swam competitively on country club and school swim teams. When Lance Armstrong beat cancer, Brock put BROCKSTRONG, in big strong letters across the back window of his car. He learned to play guitar and played in bands with friends and at work. He hung out with friends, spent way too much money on comic books and shoes, chased girls, went to the Community College, and worked at Van Boerum & Frank Associates, all while fighting intermittent times of worsening health.


Brock’s name was added to the list for transplant during his Senior year in high school, and the summer of 2012 he really took a turn for the worse.  He spent that September (including his 21st birthday) in the intensive care unit at Intermountain Medical Center, with all of us hoping, praying for a live-saving donor liver.  Eight days after he turned 21, on September 28th he died.


We were always told that some people die while waiting for transplant, but never imagined it would be this young, vibrant kid.  Never imagined that it would happen in OUR family.  Even that last month in the hospital when Brock was so sick, the nurses kept telling us, “Don’t lose hope. We’ve seen patients much sicker than this … and within days of transplant they are so much better.  Once he gets that liver he is going to feel better than he ever remembers feeling.  He probably doesn’t even know what it feels like to be well!”  We put our hope and faith in what they said, in the excellent care that he was getting, and in the goodness of people and families to choose to be organ donors.  Sadly, it was not to be.


As a mother, I had the wonderful opportunity to have Brock work with me at Van Boerum & Frank, and will be forever grateful for the extra time that I had with him because of it. I had the chance that few parents do, to watch him turn into a man in the workplace as he interacted with my work friends.  As part of a ‘get healthy’ campaign at VBFA, the company planned a 5K, and someone suggested that we do it as a fund raiser for Intermountain Donor Services in Brock’s honor.  It was heart-warming and healing to see how many of our friends and family showed up in support, and the success of that event got us thinking.


As we struggled with loss and grief, our family finally decided that we needed to do something different – to find something good, and with the support of Van Boerum & Frank, we established the BrockStrong Foundation.  Our goals are simple 1) to increase awareness of the need for organ donation, and 2) to provide private music lesson scholarships for young people who, due to financial need, would not otherwise have that opportunity.  Brock played the saxophone and the guitar, and it was a source of great joy in his life.  We work closely with local schools with disadvantaged populations and are pleased to be providing music lessons to some fine young people.


I thank you for your interest. For spending time today to learn about the need for organ donation. For hearing this story. I encourage you to consider becoming a donor yourself, and I invite you to join us in support of Brock.

- Provide music lessons for kids who wouldn't be able to afford it.


- Increase awareness of the need for organ donation

If there is one thing I do in this life, it would be to teach people to be thankful for what they have instead of dwelling on what they don't.

-Brock Butler


Lori with Daniel - one of our newest scholarship recipients.

He will be learning piano.








Lori is the Director of Marketing and Human Resources at Van Boerum & Frank Associates, a position she has held since 2001.  Lori has been instrumental in developing relationships with clients and winning projects for the firm, including municipal, education, healthcare, institutional and Olympic facilities.


Lori has been involved in fund-raising activities for the University of Utah’s College of Architecture and Planning, The Children’s Center, and Intermountain Donor Services.


Lori is married to Roger Haglund.  She has four children, six horses and a dog. She enjoys horseback riding, golfing and cooking. You may have seen Lori on the news lately, advocating for organ donation, and she recently organized the Brockstrong Foundation, dedicated to increasing awareness of the need for organ donors and honoring the short life of her son, Brock.


Lori’s love for Brock is demonstrated in her tireless efforts to bring awareness to the need for organ donation and to meet the goals of the BrockStrong Foundation.


Roger Haglund teaches Math and Science at Northwest Middle School in the Salt Lake City School District.  As a highly qualified teacher, Roger was recruited to Northwest as part of a transformation grant.  In the years before, the school struggled and math scores were low.  Roger was appointed Math Chair, and in the three years since, the school’s math scores have soared


Roger has a B.S. in Physics from the University of Utah.  He spent the first 20 years of his career as a swim coach and the General Manager of the Salt Lake Swimming and Tennis Club.  He was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club, including business plan, finances, personnel, swimming and tennis programs, and every challenge that comes with operating a service-oriented business.


Roger is married to Lori and they have four children.  Roger loves the outdoors and enjoys camping and fishing.  He enjoys music and plays guitar in a band affiliated with the Wasatch Music Coaching Academy.


Don Van Boerum is a surgeon with 18 years experience.  His areas of practice include Surgical Critical Care, Trauma Surgery, General Surgery and Critical Care Medicine.  Don studied Medicine at the University of Utah, completed his Residency in General Surgery at the University of Arizona, and earned his Fellowship in Critical Care from UC Davis.


Don is Brock’s uncle, and Brock was fortunate to have been on the receiving end of his expert and loving care in the hospital prior to his death.  Don provides the Brockstrong Board with insight on organ donation and ideas to foster change.


Don is married to Heather and they are the parents of five, ranging in age from 7 to 21 years old.


When he is not working, Don enjoys bicycling and spending time with his family.


Brandon Ballif is Corporate Services Manager for E-Trade in Sandy, Utah. In this capacity, Brandon  has developed and implemented strategies and systems that increase the effectiveness for large companies to track and institute equity compensation.  Brandon has extensive experience working with people in sales and support roles.  He is pursuing a B.S. in Business Marketing from Western Governors University.


Brandon watched powerlessly as his brother, Brock, fought and eventually succumbed to liver disease and commits his time and energy to meeting the goals of Brockstrong Foundation in Brock’s honor.


Brandon is married to Jayne, and they are proud parents of three boys.  In his spare time Brandon enjoys participating and watching sports, especially golf!


Kim Harris is the President and CEO of Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Inc., a consulting engineering firm, based in Salt Lake City. While still an engineering student at the University of Utah, Kim joined the firm as an intern and was recognized for his engineering and leadership abilities as he continued to take on more responsibilities.  In 2006 he was named President, and under his direction, the firm has grown from 60 employees to almost 100 and been responsible for the design of Utah’s most noteworthy projects including the Huntsman Cancer Center, Westminster College Meldrum Science and Technology Center, University of Utah Health Sciences Education Center, the Salt Palace, Primary Children’s Medical Center, and the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird.


Kim and his wife, Penelope, are actively involved with the Central City Swahili Mission. They work with Swahili refugee families, helping them with language skills, and the life skills they need to be successful.  In this capacity they are mentors, counselors, teachers and friends.  With help from Kim and Penelope, these families have learned to grocery shop, to pay bills, to handle relationships appropriately, to read and write and study, and to play sports.  Kim and Penelope have dealt with substance abuse, learning disabilities, and autism, and they love every minute of it!


Kim is a U of U sports fan, and an avid golfer.  He and his wife have four children and four grandchildren, and they enjoy boating and travelling with their family.




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